Do you need a Gas Safety Certificate in Maidstone?

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in Maidstone.

We know that being a Landlord can be stressful so, at KMC Gas we have streamlined the process of carrying out a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection and made it hassle free.

Simply contact your tenants and ask to share their details with us.  Email your tenant’s details along with either your home address or the Agent’s address to us and we will do the rest.  Please include the number and type of Gas appliances that are in the property.

Once the Maidstone Landlord Gas Safety inspection is complete you will receive a digital copy of the Certificate and the invoice instantly.


Important Information For A Maidstone Landlord Safety Inspection 

Recent changed to the rules of a Gas Safety Inspection for not only Maidstone but nationwide now allow the CP12 to be carried out two months in advance, allowing preservation of the original renewal date.

Please take advantage of this and contact us straight away, allowing plenty of time before the current Gas Safety Certificate in Maidstone runs out.

I am often contacted by landlords who ask for a Gas Safety inspection to be carried out the same day.  Although this is sometimes possible Gas Safe Registered engineers are in extremely high demand, especially in the winter months.

Failure to have the Gas Safety Inspection Carried out within 12 Months is treated extremely seriously by the HSE and this responsibility is solely on you as a Landlord.

So please allow plenty of time before the current certificate runs out.  Once you have had a Gas Safety Inspection in Maidstone carried out by KMC Gas, you will receive a reminder that the current certificate is due for renewal by email, at least one month before the date.  All we need is the go ahead to contact the tenant. 

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Why you should get the boiler Serviced at the same time as the Landlord Gas Safety Inspection


What Is A Gas Safety Inspection?

When we carry out a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection in Maidstone we as Gas Safe Registered Engineers are creating a report on the safety and compliance of the Gas appliances and installation as a whole.  It is not a pass or fail process, it is simply a report on safety.

What is a Boiler Service?

A Boiler service is process of maintaining the boiler to preserve the longevity of it’s lifespan.  Along with a multitude of functionality checks you can help keep a boiler running much longer when it has a regular annual service than not.  Check out our service page if you would like more information on what a Boiler Service involves.  When carrying out a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection in Maidstone we offer an annual boiler service at just a third of the normal cost.  Just let us know when booking.